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Shipping containers are used for import and export. Today, these containers can be used for other purposes. With limited spaces and with growing expenses required to build a house or construct an office, these containers have become one of the best alternatives out there. There were news that circulated that a Starbucks branch was actually made of two shipping containers. Looking into the design of the shipping container's interior, it looked like an elegant place to stay in.

This is also becoming a reality with the different concept architectural homes. They are offering minimal cost in terms of construction materials plus, it is also easily modifiable. With two containers, you can already have a great place to stay in. Though prefab structures have been present before, never was it really organized to become something habitable or better yet a place to conduct business.

Of course, though this is really possible for your own home you need to realize the pros and the cons. It is necessary that you weigh these things first before deciding to purchase used containers and transform your home into a very unique space.


1. Affordability

In terms of the price tag between construction materials and the steel containers, the latter would be the best thing out there. With financial issues that you need to face every once in a while when building a house; this will cut the cost of the house in so many ways.

2. Space friendly

Since it is rectangular in shape, you can easily save space. Instead of building everything from scratch and forming odd shapes for your property, the container can already provide you with different sizes. You can get the 20' by 40' containers for your main space or get the smaller ones for your room. Since these things can be stacked to one another, you can efficiently maximize the space that you have.

3. It saves time

A typical construction may need time. From the time the foundation has been established until the beams to support the concrete has been finished, until all those intricacies are done; you are not yet having an office or a house. If you are in need of an office space fast, prefabricated structures like the containers can be made easily into a functional office. This will save the lag in terms of construction. The metal construction of the containers could easily be transformed to a really classy space.


1. Durability Issue

A lot of people are wondering if the container will hold against a storm or any other type of natural calamity. Considering that it has no firm foundation on the ground, the container as an alternative living space is really questionable at this point. A lot of people are also asking if it is really safe to live in this type of prefab set up?

Since containers are made of metal, it is undeniable that these things would deteriorate faster because of rust and many other damages made by the elements. If you are going to spend your money, why not spend it on something that is durable?

2. Not Friendly For Tropical Countries

Since the material is made of metal, this absorbs heat. If you are living in a tropical country, the containers will not really be useful. Since it can increase your electric bill due to the use of air conditioning units, this is not really a practical construction for such locations.

Knowing the pros and the cons with the shipping containers used as prefabricated homes and offices, you can now decide whether or not to adapt this type of construction to your own home. Though its popularity is now growing, you have to realize the fact that there are some situations when this will not really work well on your favor.

London shipping containers is one of the best providers of metal containers for both import and export function. They have provided durable, and spacious types for great prices to decrease the cost of logistics.

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